Michael & Aline in Kraków, Poland | 13-16 April 2018. MAIN EVENT @ Kraków, Poland, Kraków [od 13 do 17 kwietnia]

Michael & Aline in Kraków, Poland | 13-16 April 2018. MAIN EVENT

13 - 17
21:30 - 06:00

 Strona wydarzenia
Kraków, Poland
30-024 to 31–962 Kraków
*** Registration/rejestracja: ***

* EN *
Most up-to-date info about the event:
>>>> docs.google.com/document/d/1Tu4irUcbZZqGTWGOV4ZnZ2LKDzeu3U42X9Qj-dsS-6g/edit?usp=sharing

* PL *
Najbardziej aktualne info o wydarzeniu:
>>>> docs.google.com/document/d/1RfLdHF-xJrrlHOuUFaiuacn5KIJu4o23TumlgtqQA74/edit?usp=sharing

Confirmed teachers:
Michael Anderson (BRA) & Aline Borges (BRA) — 10 h of zouk
Dj Kakah (BRA) — 2 musicality classes

Confirmed DJs:
DJ Baui (Germany) — Stefan Bauroth
DJ Corleone (Poland) — Milena Corleone / Dancer & DJ
DJ G-Zouk (Austria) — George Stephens
DJ Kakah (Brazil) — Karina Batista
DJ Quince (Poland) — Paweł Białecki
DJ Santiago (USA) — Santiago Miret
DJ Sharky (Poland) — Paweł Charkowski
DJ Shing (Holland) — Shana-Dj Shing Chan
DJ SoulZ (Poland) — Kris Leczek
DJ Xearo (Holland) — Carlos Manuel
DJ Zeal (Poland) — Akash Kumar

You all make our events so amazing every time that I’m honestly really, really excited and looking forward to this weekend :)!

*** About our teachers ****

This time we will be able to learn from a great, talented, beautiful and very friendly couple: Michael Anderson Full and Aline Borges Full (https://facebook.com/alineemichael/) from São Paulo, Brasil.
They are really nice people and great dancers, who will mesmerise you with their elegant, beautiful and creative dancing. During the workshops, you can count on lots of zouk technique (explanation, demonstration and practice) that will help us learn more about comfortable, beautiful and precise leading and following.
Michael and Aline will stay with us for all four parties :)! Have a look at their dance :):

Dj Kakah: I think everybody who has been dancing zouk for more than a week ;) knows the amazing work of DJ Kakah. As one of my friends jokingly remarked: «DJ Kakah? Many zouk songs start with these words» ;). Kakah is joining us with her amazing music at the parties, and you will also be able to learn from her during two musicality classes that she will be offering at our weekend.

You are all invited :)! And feel free to invite your friends — everybody is welcome :)!


*** MAIN INFO ***

*** NEW *** FREE water for all the participants at all the workshops and all the parties :)!!!
*** NEW *** ALL the parties in the same location as inexpensive accommodation (13EUR/night)
* 10 hours of ZOUK workshops (all with Michael & Aline)
* 2 musicality classes with DJ Kakah
* 4 parties – 100% zouk (Fri, Sat, Sun plus an after party on Monday)
* Full Pass (with FREE water included) from 78 EUR
* 11 amazing DJs from Brazil, USA, Holland, Austria, Germany, and Poland
* 50:50 leader-follower ratio at workshops and parties (OK, last time we had the leader-follower ratio of 49:51 ;) )
* fruit and chocolate fountain during Saturday party
* hot lunch delivered to the workshop room during lunch breaks (upon your order)

Below you'll find (updates coming as things get sorted):


********** 1. PROGRAMME **********

*** ATTENTION!!! *** FREE WATER will be provided for you all at ALL the workshops and ALL the parties :)!

*** FRIDAY 13.04.2018 ***

21:30 – 06:00 – zouk party (100% zouk) in KLUB ZACZEK. Bar on site.

*** SATURDAY 14.04.2018 ***

<<Workshops with Michael & Aline and with DJ Kakah (OPEN level)>>
12:00 – 15:00 — workshops with Michael & Aline
15:00 – 16:00 — lunch break
(Attention! Towards the end of the lunch break, we will start with the musicality class with DJ Kakah — you can sit down, relax, and listen as you are finishing your lunch ;) )
15:45 — 16:30 musicality class with DJ Kakah: «Let's talk about Zouk Beats, Counting and Music Structure»
16:30 – 18:30 — workshops with Michael & Aline

21:30 — 06:00 – zouk party (100% zouk) with fruit and chocolate fountain in KLUB ZACZEK. Bar on site.

*** SUNDAY 15.04.2018 ***

<<Workshops with Michael & Aline and with DJ Kakah (OPEN level)>>
12:00 – 15:00 — workshops with Michael & Aline
15:00 – 16:00 — lunch break (Attention! Towards the end of the lunch break, we will start with the musicality class with DJ Kakah)
15:45 — 16:30 musicality class with DJ Kakah: «Creativity and Improvisation»
16:30 – 18:30 — workshops with Michael & Aline

21:30 — 06:00 – zouk party (100% zouk) in KLUB ZACZEK. Bar on site.

*** MONDAY 16.04.2018 ***

21:30 — 06:00 – zouk party (100% zouk) in KLUB ZACZEK. Bar on site.

********** 2. PRICES **********

ATTENTION 1! The deadlines below relate to payment dates; NOT to the registration dates!
ATTENTION 2! For details of COMBO discounts with Silesian Zouk Festival 2018 — Katowice Poland | 16-18 November, please, check section I A of this document: docs.google.com/document/d/1Tu4irUcbZZqGTWGOV4ZnZ2LKDzeu3U42X9Qj-dsS-6g/edit?usp=sharing

>>>> EARLY BIRD till 5th November 2017 — gone
>>>> REGULAR BIRD till 10th January 2018 — gone
>>>> RELAXED BIRD ;) — until 12th March 2018 — gone

>>>> CHILLED BIRD ;) — until 10th April 2018: <<<<
1. Fullpass (in this price, we provide free water at all the parties and workshops):
— 85 EUR by CASH | 82.5 EUR for people who (will) have a pass for SZF
— 85 EUR in a GROUP* | 82.5 EUR for people who (will) have a pass for SZF
— 90 EUR by BANK TRANSFER | 87.5 EUR for people who (will) have a pass for SZF
2. Monday Afterparty**: 8 EUR
3. Lunches***: 10 EUR

* Group pass: please, pay to the group organiser. Group price for zoukers from abroad is already for groups of 5 or more people :). Please, contact me if you would like to organise a group :).
** Monday Afterparty paid for separately (payment not at the same time as payment for fullpass) costs 2 EUR more (8+2=10 EUR)
*** Lunches paid for separately (payment not at the same time as payment for fullpass) cost 2 EUR more (10+2=12 EUR)

********** 3. CASH PAYMENT **********

You can pay in cash to me or to any group organiser (even if you did not register in a group). To see when and where you can pay in cash, please, check section IV of this document:

********** 4. REGISTRATION **********

As always, we will make sure that there is a good leader/follower ratio at the workshops and parties. At present, we accept registrations from:
(a) leaders
(b) leaders registering with followers
© followers registering with leaders

In the cases (b) and ©, each person registers individually but needs to provide in the «comments» section the first name, surname and email address of the person they are registering with.

*** We are unfortunately not able to accept registrations from followers without a leader. ***

Please, register even if you have already paid for the event or are registering in a group. Online registration is possible here:

********** 5. RESIGNING FROM ATTENDANCE **********

If you buy a pass but later you see that you can't come to the event, you can transfer your pass to someone else until 3 days before the event that your pass is for, that is until 10 April 2018 – to do this, you will send us an email. In the e-mail, please, provide this info:

Present Full Pass holder:
1. Name:
2. Surname:
3. Leader or Follower:
4. E-mail address:

New Full Pass holder:
1. Name:
2. Surname:
3. Leader or Follower:
4. E-mail address:

Some leader-follower limitations may apply for the transfers (we want to keep good proportions of leaders and followers, so that everybody can enjoy fully all the workshops and parties).

************ 6. LOCATIONS ************

A map with all the locations:

Important addresses:

— II LO (Sat & Sun workshops): ul. Sobieskiego 9, Kraków (Liceum Ogólnokształcące). Attention! This venue is 98% certain (2% more after a written contract is signed)
— ŻACZEK — KLUB (all the parties): aleja 3 Maja 5, Kraków
— ŻACZEK — HOTEL (accommodation — same building as all the parties; check section 7 below for info about how to book this accommodation): aleja 3 Maja 5, Kraków
— OLEANDRY HOSTEL (accommodation — building next to all the parties; check section 7 below for info about how to book this accommodation), ul. Oleandry 4, Kraków

********** 7. ACCOMMODATION **********

We recommend two options that are inexpensive and at the same location as all the parties (these two buildings are next to each other):
1. ZACZEK HOTEL: zaczek.hotelestudenckie.pl/en/. This is for accommodation until Monday 16 April 2018.
2. OLEANDRY HOSTEL: smkrakow.pl/en/ (a building next to Zaczek). This is for accommodation until Tuesday 17 April 2018 or longer.
You can also try AirBnB or check hotels nearby (see map in section 6 above)

* the same location as all the parties
* 20-25 minutes (walk) from the workshop place (TBC)
* direct bus 252 to/from airport and railway station; direct tram 20 to/from railway station

We arranged cheaper (group) prices for you (from 13 EUR per person per night in a double room) in Zaczek Hotel. Oleandry is also inexpensive and has rooms for 2 to 12 people, so if you go with a larger group of friends, you can take a room together for a very low price (from about 8 EUR per person).

Important! If you book a room in ZACZEK HOTEL, please, use the password «ZOUK».
1. Write an email (e-mail title: «ZOUK — room reservation») to:
[email protected]
Write: which room(s) you want, how many of them, for what dates, and for whom — provide names of people who will stay in the rooms.
2. Pay a deposit (for the first night of your stay) — payment details will be sent to you in reply to your reservation.

1. Via e-mail (no password needed; we have no arrangemenets with them) at: [email protected]
2. Via hostelworld.com (choose: Oleandry Hostel, Krakow, Poland)

********** 8. LUNCH **********

You can order lunches that will be delivered to the workshop room on Sat and Sun during the lunch break (2 lunches x 5 EUR = 10 EUR). Please, choose your lunch options in the online registration form when you register for the event (there are 2 vegan gluten free options and 2 meat options). Please, pay for your lunches together with your fullpass. Lunches paid for separately will cost 2 EUR more ;).

********** 9. HOW TO GET HERE / AIRPORTS :) **********

*** AIRPORTS ***
Most convenient:
— Kraków Balice (KRK) — direct bus 252 to Żaczek for under 1 EUR
— Katowice Pyrzowice (KTW) — very good bus/shuttle connection with Kraków (circa 40mins)
Also good (but a bit further):
— Rzeszów Jasionka (RZE)
— Wrocław Strachowice (WRO)
RZE and WRO also have good and inexpensive connections with Kraków (prices from a few Euros)
*** TRAIN ***
If you are travelling by train, choose «KRAKÓW GŁÓWNY» (main railway station) as your destination.
Later on, I will add here a link to an online google spreadsheet, where people who are interested in looking for transport to/from airport together can put in their flight details, to arrange travelling together. We will be arranging the entries by airport and by time, so it will be easy to see who is arriving at a similar time as you and also to book the same flight if you want to travel together.

>>> ŻACZEK and OLEANDRY — accommodation and all the parties
* OLEANDRY tram stop (tram 20 — direct connection from the Kraków Główny railway station; about 15mins; ticket: 3.80PLN/ca 0.9EUR)
* CRACOVIA BŁONIA bus stop (bus 252 — direct connection from Kraków Balice airport; about 40mins; ticket: 3.80PLN/ca 0.9EUR)
Travelling from other locations: any other bus or tram that goes to CRACOVIA, CRACOVIA BŁONIA or OLEANDRY bus/tram stops is also good :).
>>> II LO (II Liceum Ogólnokształcące) — workshop venue
This is about 20 mins walk from Żaczek and Oleandry. If you are travelling from other locations:
* BATOREGO — the closest tram stop
* PLAC INWALIDÓW — the closest bus stop
ATTENTION! The buiding itself is a bit of a maze ;). Please, try to come 10-15 minutes before the workshops (or even earlier if you want to collect your pass on Saturday morning), to have time to change clothes/shoes/whatever ;). We'll be starting on time :)!


Any questions? Please, contact me — Danusia Debska :).
See you in our beautiful Kraków :)!
PS. Of course, this is an event for all the zoukmaniacs out there — please, feel free to invite all your zouking friends :)


************ POLSKI ************

Kochani :)!
Rejestracja online na nasze wydarzenie :):

Jak wygrać lekcję prywatną z Michaelem i Aline, jak zapłacić ze zniżką i inne przydatne informacje:

Zaproszona para Michael & Aline (Sao Paolo, Brazylia) jest naprawdę świetna – to mistrzowie precyzyjnego, wygodnego i eleganckiego prowadzenia, szczególnie prowadzenia w ramie :). Podczas 10 h będą mieli czas żeby wytłumaczyć, pokazać i przećwiczyć z nami mnóstwo przydatnej techniki i naprawdę ciekawych elementów zouka :)!

DJ Kakah (Brazylia) i jej muzyki chyba nie trzeba przedstawiać nikomu, kto choć z tydzień tańczy zouka ;). Oprócz grania dla nas na imprezach, poprowadzi też dwie lekcje z muzykalności podczas naszych warsztatów.

Format „nauka plus imprezowanie” się nam dobrze sprawdza, więc tego się będziemy nadal trzymać. Z nowych fajnych rzeczy, które udało się zapewnić:
* wszystkie imprezy będą w jednym miejscu. Tym samym co niedrogie noclegi.
* dla wszystkich uczestników będzie zapewniona woda podczas wszystkich warsztatów i imprez :)
* pozostałe kwestie podtrzymujemy :). Więcej szczegółów na razie w wersji angielskiej.

*** CENY ***

UWAGA 1! Decyduje data wpływu na konto/przekazania gotówki; NIE data rejestracji.
UWAGA 2! Szczegóły zniżek COMBO z Silesian Zouk Festival dostępne w sekcji I A tutaj: docs.google.com/document/d/1RfLdHF-xJrrlHOuUFaiuacn5KIJu4o23TumlgtqQA74/edit?usp=sharing

>>>> EARLY BIRD do 5 listopada 2017 — koniec progu
>>>> REGULAR BIRD ;) do 10 stycznia 2018 — koniec progu
>>>> RELAXED BIRD ;) — do 12 marca 2018 — koniec progu

>>>> CHILLED BIRD ;) — do 10 kwietnia 2018: <<<<
1. Fullpass (w cenie passa zapewniamy wodę na wszystkie warsztaty i imprezy):
— 330 zł GOTÓWKĄ | 320 zł dla osób, które mają lub będą miały pass na SZF
— 330 zł W GRUPIE* | 320 zł dla osób, które mają lub będą miały pass na SZF
— 360 zł PRZELEWEM BANKOWYM | 340 zł dla osób, które mają lub będą miały pass na SZF
2. Poniedziałkowa afterparty**: 33 zł
3. Lunche***: 2x16zł=32zł

* GRUPY: proszę przekazać wpłatę organizatorowi grupy. Cena grupowa dla zoukeros z Polski obowiązuje już od 8 osób w grupie :). Proszę o kontakt jeśli ktoś z Was chciałby zorganizować grupę :).
** Poniedziałkowa afterparty opłacona osobno (nie wtedy co płatność za passa) kosztuje 8 zł więcej, tj. 33=8=41zł
*** Obiady opłacone osobno (nie wtedy co płatność za passa) kosztują 8 zł więcej, tj. 32=8=40zł

>>>> LAST-MINUTE-PANIC BIRD ;) — gotówką na miejscu. Ceny będą ogłoszone jeśli będą jeszcze miejsca.

Michael i Aline zostają z nami również na afterparty. Na after party zapraszamy wszystkich; również osoby bez passa na wydarzenie główne :).


Pass można bez problemu przepisać na inną osobę do 3 dni przed wydarzeniem, tj. do 10 kwietnia 2018. Dla zapewnienia jak najlepszych proporcji na warsztatach mogą się pojawić ograniczenia na kogo można przepisać pasa (dziewczyna/chłopak).


Rejestracja online:

Jeśli chcecie obiady to opcje są do wyboru w formularzu rejestracyjnym. Prosimy o płatność za lunche razem z płatnością za fullpass. Lunche płacone osobno — proszę doliczyć 8zł do płatności


Mapka: goo.gl/maps/C19ARNo7ybo

Ważne adresy:
— II LO (warsztaty sobotnie i niedzielne): ul. Sobieskiego 9, Kraków (Liceum Ogólnokształcące). Uwaga! Ta lokalizacja jest pewna na 98% (2% dodamy gdy będzie podpisana umowa)
— ŻACZEK — KLUB (wszystkie imprezy): aleja 3 Maja 5, Kraków
— ŻACZEK — HOTEL (noclegi — ten sam budynek co imprezy. Zobaczcie punkt 7 opisu powyżej — jest tam informacja jak zarezerwowac nocleg w Żaczku): aleja 3 Maja 5, Kraków
— OLEANDRY HOSTEL (noclegi — budynek obok imprez. Zobaczcie punkt 7 opisu powyżej — jest tam informacja jak zarezerwować nocleg), ul. Oleandry 4, Kraków

*** NOCLEGI ***

Dla noclegów do poniedziałku 16 kwietnia proponujemy Żaczek lub Oleandry
Dla noclegów do wtorku 17 kwietnia lub dłużej proponujemy Oleandry
Żaczek i Oleandry sąsiadują ze sobą.
Więcej szczegółów na razie w wersji angielskiej :).

Zapraszajcie znajomych – wydarzenie jest otwarte dla wszystkich :)!
Tylko zarejestrowani użytkownicy mogą komentować.
Przejdź szybką rejestrację lub autoryzację.

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