João & Danusia - zouk technique | 15-17 June 2018 @ Kraków, Poland, Kraków [od 15 do 17 czerwca]

João & Danusia - zouk technique | 15-17 June 2018

15 - 17
22:00 - 19:00

 Strona wydarzenia
Kraków, Poland
*** English below ***

Wydarzenie świeżutkie, więc informacje będą na bieżąco uzupełniane w miarę gdy szczegóły będą ustalane, ale wiele rzeczy już jest ustalonych (opis poniżej; z zaznaczeniem co już ustalone a co do potwierdzenia :) ) .
Online registration/Rejestracja online:

Zaproszony gość — João Pedro Evangelho — to świetny tancerz i doświadczony nauczyciel zouka z Rio de Janeiro. Jego taniec charakteryzuje się bardzo przyjemnym i delikatnym ale przy tym wyraźnym prowadzeniem. Wprost idealny na social i nie tylko — naprawdę warto się od niego uczyć :). Przykładowe demo z jednego z jego regularnych kursów w Rio:
Więcej info w bio poniżej (sekcja 6).
Zouk technique intensive weekend on 15-17 June 2018 in Kraków :)!

Confirmed teachers:
* João Pedro Evangelho (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
* Danusia Debska (Kraków, Poland)
For more info (including links to demos), see bio in section 6 below :).

Confirmed DJs:
* DJ Plons (Przemek Paszek) — Katowice
* DJ EM (Kasia Marczak) — Katowice
* DJ Sharky (Paweł Charkowski) — Kraków

Overall plan for this weekend (all 100% zouk ;) ) :
> Saturday & Sunday (16-17 June): 10h of zouk technique workshops (open level) — confirmed !
> Friday & Saturday (15-16 June): zouk chillout / practice / parties (TBC)

See you there :)!


*** 1. LOCATIONS ***

> Workshop location (Sat & Sun) — SEMPRE, ul. Berka Joselewicza 26, Kraków — confirmed :) !

> Party location(s) (Fri & Sat) — TBC

*** 2. PROGRAMME ***

All the workshops will be open level, but we will provide both fundamental and more advanced information for each technique/movement, so each participant will be able to take from it what they need and are able to learn at their present level. The workshops will be primarily focused on correct, comfortable and beatiful movement/technique. The specific content will be decided upon at the beginning of the workshops and will depend on the level and needs of the participants. The content will be appropriately adjusted throughout the weekend to best match what the participants need and want.

>>> FRIDAY 15 June 2018 <<<
From ca 21:00 — zouk dancing and chillout (TBC); 100% zouk!

>>> SATURDAY 16th June 2018 <<<

> PLEASE, come at least 15-20 minutes before the workshops, to make sure you find the place, get your pass, change etc. We would like to start at 13:00 sharp. <
12:30 — 13:00 registration/ passes
13:00 — 15:30 zouk workshops (open level)
15:30 — 16:00 break
16:00 — 18:30 zouk workshops (open level)

22:00 — … zouk party (TBC); 100% zouk.

>>> SUNDAY 17th June 2018 <<<

13:00 — 15:30 zouk workshops (open level)
15:30 — 16:00 break
16:00 — 18:30 zouk workshops (open level)


Online registration/Rejestracja online:


>>> PAYMENT <<<

*** CASH ***
Cash prices come with a discount: they are 20PLN | 5 EUR lower than bank transfer prices. Cash payment is possible:
> to Danusia Debska
> to Sylwia Michalska — Poznań
> to Monika Czogalik and Dominik Zieliński — Katowice
> to Joanna Chromik — Katowice
> to Agnieszka Fornalczyk
> to Agata Kitlińska
> to Kasia Pawlik
> to anybody else whom you trust to pass the money to us ;)

Details in the registration form online.

>>> PRICES <<<

Attention 1! The thresholds below refer to payment dates; NOT to registration dates!

Attention 2! Cash prices are 20 PLN | 5 EUR lower than bank transfer prices.

Attention 3! We also offer an additional SUPER DISCOUNT of 20 PLN | 5 EUR on the normal prices for all those who have bought a fullpass for at least one of these events:
— Michael & Aline (13-16 April 2018)
— Peter & Danusia (20-22 April 2018)
— Arthur & Layssa (8-10 June 2018)
— Brasilesia (22-24 June 2018)

Please, check this document for prices and deadlines:

1. EARLY BIRD — payment till Monday, 28th of May:

> EARLY BIRD SUPER DISCOUNT (see "Attention 3" above for details):
Cash: 180 PLN | 45 EUR
Bank transfer: 200 PLN | 50 EUR

Cash: 200 PLN | 50 EUR.
Bank transfer: 220 PLN | 55 EUR

2. REGULAR BIRD — payment till Monday, 11th June 2018
Add 20 PLN | 5 EUR to EARLY BIRD prices

3. CHILLED BIRD ;) — payment from Tuesday, 12th June 2018
Add 40 PLN | 10 EUR to EARLY BIRD prices (or 20 PLN | 5 EUR to REGULAR BIRD prices )

The details of the parties are still TBC (to be confirmed). We will be able to say more about that once everything is arranged and confirmed.

*** 5. GENERAL INFO ***

* The workshops will be open level, but we will provide both fundamental and more advanced information for each technique/movement, so each participant will be able to take from it what they need and are able to learn at their present level.
* The workshops will be primarily focused on correct, comfortable and beatiful movement/technique.
* We will be adjusting the content and the time devoted to each topic to best suit the needs of the participants.
* For each movement, we will focus on the correct execution of the movement, both solo and in a couple (how to lead and follow in a comfortable, safe and beautiful way). This will be demonstrated through nice moves, but there will be no long sequences for people to get lost in ;).
* Whenever there is time, we will also work on interesting and cool variations of the moves being taught.
* You do not need to have a partner to register. We will be changing couples throughout the workshops because in this way you learn better.
* We will ensure a good leader-follower ratio.
* Please, bring an ID with a photo to collect your pass at the reception desk.
* Please, be on time (plan to be at least 15-20 minutes early on the first day and 10 minutes early on the second day).

*** 6. INSTRUCTORS ***

>>> João Pedro Evangelho (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) <<<

João Pedro Evangelho, also known as Jesus, took his first dance lessons in the world-renowned Escola da Dança Jaime Arôxa (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil). Nowadays, he teaches regular classes at this school. He also teaches at the University of Rio de Janeiro (UERJ) and is an official member (as a teacher) of master Val Clemente's Zouk Needs You team. João is also a dancer in the dance company of Jorge and Vanessa (teachers at Renata Peçanha's Núcleo de Dança ) and also a teacher in the Forro New Roots project.
Have a look at the demo from one of João's regular courses in Rio:

>>> Danusia Debska (Kraków, Poland) <<<

Danusia has had over 10 years of extensive dance experience. Some of the dances have included: salsa (LA, NY, Cuban), Cuban rumba, kizomba, tango, jazz, contemporary, West Coast Swing.

About 6-7 years ago, Danusia discovered Brazilian Zouk and has since then focused almost entirely on this amazing dance, taking part in classes and social dancing at numerous international zouk events: workshops, festivals, dance marathons, immersion courses, teacher courses etc. Whenever possible, she also seeks improvement and individual guidance from the best zouk teachers in the world, taking private lessons with William & Paloma, Michael & Aline, Bruno, and Xandy & Eveline. She believes that a good dance technique is the foundation on which to create your dance, to make it safe, beautiful and enjoyable. She has had several years of experience in teaching zouk, both as part of regular courses and through individual private lessons.
Have a look at Danusia's demo from an afternoon workshop:

For the last five years, Danusia has also been organising international zouk events in Kraków with top zouk instructors from around the world. The events put a special focus on developing the zouk community through top quality workshops and great parties.


*EN* If you buy a pass but later you see that you can't come to the event, you can transfer your pass to someone else until 3 days before the event, that is until 12 June 2018.
Some leader-follower limitations may apply for the transfers (we want to keep good proportions of leaders and followers, so that everybody can fully enjoy the workshops).

*PL* Pass można bez problemu przepisać na inną osobę do 3 dni przed wydarzeniem, tj. do 12 czerwca 2018. Dla zapewnienia jak najlepszych proporcji na warsztatach mogą się pojawić ograniczenia na kogo można przepisać pasa (leader/follower).
Tylko zarejestrowani użytkownicy mogą komentować.
Przejdź szybką rejestrację lub autoryzację.

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